Air Source Heat Pump A16-UHE

Air Source Heat Pump A16-UHE

Any heating appliance is only as good as the system it is integrated into. For this reason the RED heat pump comes with a bespoke distribution manifold give a straight forward economic installation and ensures that the heat gets to where you need it with minimum losses. Our Heat Pump domestic hot water tank is designed around our heat pump maximizing hot water storage temperatures.

ERP Average climate (low flow temp). A++

Dimensions H X D (mm)   1620 x 780

Minimum ambient air temp °C  -20.0

Max flow temp °C   65.0

CoP at kW A7W35 (Low temp).  4.66 @ 13.3kW

CoP at kW A7W45 (Medium temp)   3.76 @ 13.4kW

CoP at kW A7W55 (High temp).  3.25 @ 13.9kW

CoP at kW A7W65 (Very high temp).  2.77 @ 14.1kW

Electrical supply   230V/1ph/50Hz

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