Bathroom Towel Warmer and Bathroom Radiator

Bath towel warmer and bathroom heater

ELEMENTO bathroom towel radiators warm up quick as a flash warming your bath towels to provide a cuddly warm embrace.

Fast Heating

The panel is at operational temperature in 3 minutes and radiats a pleasant stove heat which dries your towels and pre warms the bathroom.

Energy saving

The panels are as efficient at heating as a modern heat pump It uses 4x times less energy than a conventional heater.

Music Interface

New! Play you favourite music from your smartphone or listen to your favourite radio station. The speakers are invisibly integrated into the panels and controlled vial Bluetooth.

Bath towel bars

Add as many as you need. Available in chrome, stainless steel and matt black.

Touch screen display

The hidden LED display comes to life with a touch. You can set a count down timer or pre program with an easy-to-set weekly timer.


5 years on all components. The Swiss are rebound for their quality products and world class workmanship.

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