Solar panel battery storage

Having a high-quality solar panel battery storage system is imperative for storing any surplus energy produced during the day. Thanks to our innovative products, we can help you keep on top of your energy manufacture, even allowing you to sell it back to the national grid if you produce too much.

Battery storage for your solar panels will help reduce your electricity costs further. And if you find that you generate more energy than you can use and store, you can still sell the surplus back to the grid. Another perk is that your home is protected from power outages, since your battery system will continue to supply your property and also keep your solar panels working as normal.

Solar Panel Battery Storage
Solar Panel Battery Storage

A battery storage system is a great addition to your solar installation, helping you make the most of the power you produce. You can monitor, optimise and precisely manage how you use the electricity generated by your PV system.

Our battery storage and back-up systems comprise Solis battery controllers together with Lithium-ion deep cycle, long life batteries that come with a 10 year warranty. Whether you’re considering getting a battery back-up system to protect your home from a power cut, or you’re looking for a full off-grid solution, the designers and engineers at Hercuglas will find you the perfect system for your requirements and budget.


If you're looking to ensure your solar PV installation is always operating at its best, our expert team can help. Thanks to our Solar PV Annual Service & Maintenance service, we can ensure your panels remain in full working order for years and years - even if we've not installed them ourselves.

Solar Panel Battery Storage
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