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Hercuglas Supply an attractive flush mounted thermostat with a large colour intuitive 3.5” touchscreen for viewing the system status and modifying the settings.

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The Hercuglas touchscreen thermostats have range of comfort features to guarantee the optimal conditions in the room space.



Hercuglas Heatsaver pre-insulated pipe is great for:

Hercuglas Supply an attractive flush mounted thermostat with a large colour intuitive 3.5” touchscreen for viewing the system status and modifying the settings. The 320x480 pixel 255K touchscreen provides a dynamic sharp graphical interface to the heating and cooling control.

The Hercuglas thermostats have heating and/or cooling control with accurate adjustable hysteresis to 0.1degree. The display shows visually at glace - using modulating heating and cooling 'featuring' - the difference between the target setpoint and the current temperature.


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The built-in Boost button switches the system on for a specified period, allowing the heating to be switched on e.g. on arrival to the space. The Hercuglas touchscreen thermostats feature a remote sensor input for underfloor heating minimum and maximum control. When the floor temperature exceeds a set temperature the thermostat switches the relay output off. If the floor temperature drops below a minimum setting in the heating mode, the heating is switched automatically on. This allows the Hercuglas thermostats to be used e.g. in bathrooms where the floor temperature is kept at the level comfortable for bare feet. In the cooling mode the minimum temperature can switch off the relay i.e. protect the system from condensation.

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The Hercuglas touchscreen thermostats feature also an ECO mode, that allows the temperature to operate under reduced setpoint (heating mode) or increased setpoint (cooling mode) to reduce the energy consumption automatically during the unoccupied/night periods. The mode can be automatically activated over the BACnet or Modbus communication network, or via the digital volt-free input.


The Hercuglas touchscreen thermostats have built-in holiday mode. Upon the activation of the holiday mode, the thermostats is switched to a reduced setpoint for a specified period. The holiday mode can also be activated over the BACnet or Modbus interface.


The built-in frost protection is always active offering building fabric protection during the off or holiday periods.


Features Suitable for Landlord Thermostat Applications:-

The Hercuglas thermostats are also suitable for Landlords providing controlled energy savings and include functionality such as below that are particularly suitable for landlord applications.

The maximum and minimum temperature adjustments can be limited

Possible to lock the thermostat remotely via Modbus or BACnet

Multiple Lock Modes e.g. Locking the Setpoint Adjustment or Locking Completely

Possible to restrict functions e.g. disable the boost mode

4 digital adjustable LOCK code and 4 digit adjustable MAINTENANCE MODE code

Modbus and BACnet Networking Examples:-

The Hercuglas BACnet touchscreen thermostats and Modbus thermostats can be linked to building automation and home automation systems. The industry standard BACnet and Modbus protocols guarantee interoperability to most home automation systems such as Crestron and Control4, as well as building automation and control systems such as Trend, Tridium, Honeywell, Alerton, Priva and SyxthSense Sedona solutions. Connecting Hercuglas BACnet and Modbus thermostats to these systems release the full potential of the attractive user interface with system functionality. The standard Modbus and BACnet implementation guarantee interoperability.


Wide Range of Power Supply Options; 12Vdc, 24Vac/dc or 90-250Vac/dc

3.5” Colour Responsive Resistive Touchscreen, 320 x 480 Pixels

Traditional 'Stand-Alone' Heating/Cooling Thermostats Functionality

BACnet and Modbus Models for a part of Smart System

Flush mounted to the UK or European Wall Mounting Box; Attractive

Modern Designer Look with Black/Chrome Colour Scheme

Attractive Simple to Use Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Feature Ring Advising when Heating or Cooling Required

Heating and/or Cooling Control

ECO mode Energy Savings (reduced setpoint)

Boost Mode for Boosting the thermostat ON e.g on arrival for a timed period

Timed Cleaning Mode for Energy Saving and Space Cleaning

Automatic Frost Protection to protect building fabric

Remote NCT10 Control Sensor Input

Underfloor NTC10 Sensor Input for Min/Max temperature control; protects floors from overheating. When used in bathrooms, maintains comfort temperature to feet.

Lockable Screen with 4-Digit Lock Code

Number of Lock Screen Options depending on the Applications

Maintenance Mode Password Protected

BACnet MS/TP Communication Models (-BAC)

Modbus RTU Communication Models (-MOD)

Air-Conditioning and Lighting Enable Buttons in System Application via the Network

Suitable for Landlord Applications with Lock Screens and Configurable Display Options

Humidity Sensor Option for Internal Humidity Display and Monitoring


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