Why You Should Have Domestic Solar PV Panels for Homes

With energy costs constantly on the rise over the past few years, Domestic Solar PV Panels for Homes have become an increasingly attractive option for homeowners.

Using our solar panels to generate your own energy, you can really reap the benefits of Solar Power. Householders who fit Residential Solar PV Power Systems to their property can now benefit in a number of ways.

Whether it be through the minimal disruption they cause while running or the lack of fuel costs involved following installation, having solar panels fitted at your property can not only save you money but offer ease and convenience as well.

Domestic Solar PV Panels for Homes
Domestic Solar PV Panels for Homes

How long does solar panel installation take for a house?

It will usually only take Hercuglas half a day to complete your Domestic Solar Panel installation, so you can be producing solar power the very same day. An installation team will consist of four technicians, one of which will be your site manager who will provide a point of contact for you during the installation process. Two of the technicians will be roofers who will install the solar PV panels, while the other two technicians work inside and carry out the electrical work. This includes the mounting and configuring of the inverter.

Why choose Hercuglas for your homes solar PV installation?

Hercuglas can help advise you on how to gain the maximum benefit from an investment in solar power. Plus, with teams well placed to cover all of Ireland, we can install Domestic Solar Energy Systems for homes all over the Island.

There will be minimal impact caused on your home during the period of installation. Then, once the Domestic Solar PV system is up and running, one of our technicians will walk you round the system to explain how everything works. We’ll also look after all the feed-in tariff paperwork too so you don’t have to.

Domestic Solar PV Panels for Homes

How does a solar system benefit your wallet and the planet?

Climate change is a top priority on a global scale now, and the world’s leading scientists have warned us that we need to make drastic changes immediately in order to prevent disaster.

Switching to renewable energy is a highly effective step in the right direction, which avoids reliance on fossil fuels while also saving you money in the process. Solar is one of the most cost-competitive options and generates great returns – most systems break even within 5 years.

For a free assessment and report to showing savings you can make by changing to pv solar panels, call today or click here to contact us.

Combine solar panels with a battery storage solution

Combining your solar PV system with a battery storage solution is an ideal way to leverage further benefits for your home, enabling you to store the solar power your panels produce and controlling your energy more effectively. It provides peace of mind that whatever happens and whatever the season, you’ll have access to cheap, clean energy at all times. And since most homeowners see their energy needs increase in the afternoons and evenings, having energy stored and ready to use is ideal.


Charge your EV from home with solar

Electric vehicle technology is changing all the time, particularly battery capacity, making it a more appealing option for drivers. With more of us switching to electric vehicles to reduce our carbon footprint, having the ability to charge your car at home, and using surplus solar energy for free motoring, via an electric vehicle charging point, is a great way of keeping your transportation cost-effective and emissions-free.

A low maintenance solution

Solar PV systems are an easy upgrade to your property that can also add considerable value. Once installed, there’s very little maintenance required – aside from check-ups to ensure the system is working effectively, you shouldn’t need to replace your panels or inverter for 25-30 years.

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