Heat Pump Direct Hotwater System

Matched to out heat pump range to give maximum performance and efficiency.

Manufactured in Ireland HeatStream, is a revolutionary square, plastic, vented system that delivers main pressurised hot water.

A ground-breaking advancement in hot water storage, the product is a hybrid incorporating many of the advantages of Vented, Unvented and Thermal Store cylinders.

It is a refreshingly simple system that allows main pressurised hot water to be produced from a vented system. It is designed with a large surface area DIN 316 Stainless Steel Heat Transfer Coils for both the heat up and hot water draw off.  These coils transfer heat through the heat transfer fluid (static body of water) contained in our durable polypropylene inner tank.

The HeatStream comes in a range of sizes, from 150 to 250 litre capacities and can fulfil any heat requirement. Its square shape with a footprint of 520mm is perfect for those applications where space is at a premium. It’s completely energy efficient with an ERP ‘B’ rating. Furthermore, there is a 25-year warranty on the body and 2 years on its parts.

A complete range of functionality is guaranteed, with a range of 8 products to ensure compatibility with electric, oil, gas and solar thermal heat sources. It is safe, robust, has a long-life with super-fast recovery, built to suit modern day requirements.

Benefits for the installer

  • Quick and simple to install with all water supply connections at the top
  • No expansion vessel or T&P relief valve needed
  • Simple overflow that can be terminated to waste pipe, soil stack or outside
  • Medium Density Polyethene exterior is highly resistant to damage from handling
  • Square shape and slim profile ensures that it fits easily into most applications
  • Suitable for use with open vented or sealed system boilers

Benefits for the consumer

  • Mains pressurised Hot Water on demand
  • Amazing recovery rates due to its unique heat transfer method
  • Tough durable corrugated stainless steel coils ideal for most water quality areas

ERP B rated for superb energy efficiency

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