Infrared Radiant Heating

Infrared Radiant Heating

Oekoswiss low energy infrared heating

Save up to 85% of your heating costs - Oekoswiss low-energy heating systems are up to 50% more efficient and therefore cheaper to run than conventional infrared heating.

Swiss Made. ( use Swiss made logo)

Unbeatable quality in a timeless design combined with the latest infrared heating technology and controlled by room thermostats, provides a comfortable room temperature and cosy warmth.

Oekoswiss low-energy infrared heating systems produce extremely comfortable heating, similar to a tile stove, whereby everything (walls, furniture, floors) in the room maintains an intrinsically pleasant temperature, while the air in the room warms up.

Swiss quality

Oekoswiss low-energy infrared heating systems are 100% designed and produced in Switzerland, using premium quality materials. This guarantees maximum performance, greater comfort and a long service life. The high quality of our heating systems is supported by a 10 year guarantee.


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400er Series
500er Series
600er Series

What is Infrared Heating?

Heat Like the Sun

Infrared heating works by directly heating walls, floors, things located in a room and a human body, instead of heating the air. Then heated objects release their heat into the environment. It’s just like the Sun warms us. The heat is a product of light that is invisible to our eyes. The reason we get warm from an infrared heater is because our skin and clothes or other objects absorb the light.

Infrared Heating Panel Working

Infrared heating acts directly and that means it does not require any contact such as air currents to carry the heat. The heat is accumulated by the structure of a building and things in the room and then slowly released into the air giving you a comfortable environment.

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