Monoblock Heat Pumps

Everything compact in one device

Compact and easy to install

The monobloc heat pump combines all device components in an assembly-friendly, sound-optimized unit. Thanks to the climate-friendly refrigerant R454B, extremely efficient provision of space heating and hot water is made possible. The LWM series is therefore suitable for both new buildings and heating renovations in existing buildings.
Heating operation is possible even at outside temperatures down to -23 ° C. In summer, the Monobolc heat pump can also be used for active cooling.
The monobloc heat pump offers a high level of installation and functional reliability thanks to the simple installation without refrigeration work.

New Project

Monobloc heat pump for easy installation outdoors

Compact, quiet in operation and easy to install - these are the characteristics of the LWM air / water heat pump in monoblock design. The inverter technology meets all requirements for high efficiency. Since the complete refrigeration circuit is located in the outdoor module, no refrigeration work is required during installation. This reduces the workload and ensures the greatest possible assembly and functional reliability. Thanks to the latest refrigerant R454B, a water temperature of up to 65 ° C is achieved and maximum efficiency is guaranteed.
Thanks to its quiet operation, the outdoor module can be used in almost all residential areas. The cooling function integrated as standard ensures a pleasant room climate even in summer. The LWM heat pump is available in different design variants to match the respective environment.

Take advantage of these advantages

High flow temperatures of up to 65 ° C

Effective heating, DHW heating and active cooling possible

Remote access possible via the REMKO Smart Web Portal

Smart-Serv 7.5 kW for mono-energetic operation, screed drying and hygienic switching

Integrated solar control

Optimized use of PV electricity. Smart heating / cooling

Control of 2 mixed and 1 unmixed heating circuit


Smart-Control Touch Can be
used in the intelligent power network Smart-Grid

Specially soundproofed scroll compressor in the outdoor module

Integrated power-controlled circulation pumps with EC technology to supply the heating system

Dew point control with room temperature / humidity sensor possible

Hermetically closed cooling circuit

Cascade connection with duo heat pumps

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