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Oekoboiler RS-Oekob 02 150 Litre

Oekoboiler RS-Oekob 02 150 Litre

Double walled V2A stainless steel heat pump boiler, without additional register. COP 4.2

The attractive design, the high-quality electronic components, as well as the boiler made of pure chrome steel in particular, result in a highly efficient and economical result of hot water production.

The air inlets and outlets are made via the hood of the unit, which allows the air flow to adapt to any house situation. In a new and attractive design, it offers a storage capacity of 150 liters.

The highly efficient heat pump with first-class insulated storage achieves excellent performance. The high ease of use of the new electronic control with LCD display completes the equipment.

In pure heat pump mode, water temperatures of up to + 70 ° C can be achieved. The desired temperature can be selected steplessly. The compact units are designed for the supply of several outlets.

The high-quality equipment includes a magnesium anode as well as an emergency booster heater.

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