Smart Heat Pumps

The classic for generating green heat

With the REMKO Smart heat pump, you use the warmth of the ambient air, which nature provides you with free of charge. Since air heat pumps can be put into operation with comparatively little effort, the investment costs are kept within limits. At the same time, the smart heat pump works particularly efficiently thanks to the power-modulating operation of modern inverter technology. This ensures a high COP value and helps keep operating costs low. The smart heat pump is equally suitable for new builds and renovations.

Comfortable warmth in winter, pleasant climate in summer

Winters are getting warmer and summers are getting hotter. In addition to heating, cooling also plays an increasingly important role. The smart heat pump works as an energy-efficient heating system in winter. In summer, the water-bearing system ensures comfortable air conditioning. Additional devices for air conditioning can be found in the product range.



Air / water system for heating and cooling

The compact class saves space and installation effort

Due to the compact design and the integrated components, the WKF-compact series does not require a large floor space. In conjunction with underfloor heating, this device is perfect for new buildings. This saves space in the installation room. The installation costs are reduced by the high proportion of pre-assembled components.

Take advantage of these advantages

Low investment costs

Power-modulating operation through modern inverter operation

Low operating costs due to high COP value

Prepared for solar connection for DHW heating

Installation-friendly installation

High DHW convenience thanks to the integrated, enamelled WKT 300 drinking water storage tank with a capacity of 300 liters

Extremely low radiation

losses from the BEVB drinking water storage tank 1.19 kWh / day

Heat retention loss 49 W


Intelligent regulation Smart-Control

Use in the intelligent power network Smart-Grid possible

Integrated heating circuit pump to supply the heating system

Integrated electronic bypass valve to ensure the minimum volume flow

Intelligent defrost logic

Mono-energetic operation by REMKO Smart-Serv or bivalent operation by REMKO Smart-BVT possible

Night operation for noise reduction

WI-FI ready

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