Ultra High Efficiency Air Source Heat Pumps

Designed and optimised for wet climates

With water flow temperatures up to  65°C and external air temperatures down to -20°C. The RED UHE air source heat pumps can produce domestic hot water and space heating without the need for backup electric heaters. This is possible with with RED’s innovative technology. This injects refrigeration vapor to cool the compressor at high water flow temperatures and a secondary heat exchange. Which maintains capacity at low outdoor temperatures.

The heat pump is also designed to operate without the need of a buffer tank.

This is due to our unique distribution manifolds.  Which combined in low loss header / bypass and the intelligent variable speed compressor.  This can react quickly to maintain the optimal output for your house both in heating and cooling mode.


Hercuglás Teronta are Irelands leading specialist in heating, hot water and ventilation solutions.

We design, supply and commission global market-leading products and technology in your home or business.

We provide a personal service supplying the best bespoke products available which have been tested and proven under Irish conditions.

They have been specifically sourced by Hercuglás for their quality, reliability, and efficiency. Our partners are Europe’s leading designers and manufacturers. We’ve achieved the best quality vs price balance bringing superior brands to the Irish market in the process.

We’ll take the time to find a system to suit your project and budget so contact us now to arrange free no obligation quote or site visit.

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