Produce your own electricity, reduce your
energy bills and carbon footprint with our Solar PV Panels.

Photovoltaic Solar PV Panels are growing in popularity as a fantastic source of renewable energy commercial installations, businesses, and private homes. At Hercuglas, we specialise in providing the highest quality solar panels for large scale commercial and domestic projects.

Solar PV Panels

Why choose Hercuglas

At Hercuglas we have years of experience in the renewable energy sector, with a team of knowledgeable professionals who are specialists in the design, installation, and maintenance of solar panel arrays. We have experience dealing with both largescale commercial projects and solar panels for domestic properties.

We treat each project individually, providing you with our expertise and insight to ensure that you are getting the solar panel installation you need. We also do Commercial Solar PV Panels

Bespoke system design

Unlike many companies, we’re trained to use the advanced PV Sol software. This allows us to accurately calculate your expected energy generation and provide meaningful forecasts that show you what you can expect to receive for the next 20 years. The forecasts cover money that will be paid to you from your energy supplier via the Feed-in Tariff and the savings you’ll make every day to your normal energy bills.

The software also lets you directly compare one type of panel, battery & inverter combination with another and check how suitable it will be for your property. One size never fits all and choosing the correct system could make a huge difference to the amount of energy you save and the money you receive.

PV Sol is a complex piece of kit, taking in to account your local weather, specific panel performance, including low light and inverter performance. It also calculates the difference between panels set in to a roof and panels mounted above a roof, panel temperature variations, roof pitch, roof orientation, degradation over time, your own electrical usage habits and roof shade. We work out shading by building a 3D model to include any trees, buildings, chimneys and flues that may obstruct light to your roof. We can even model the difference between coniferous and deciduous trees – that’s how precise the software is!


Reduced Costs – on average, solar PV installations pay for themselves within five years and go on producing free electricity for many years to come.

Reduced Emissions – one of the best ways to significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Even a small solar PV scheme saves tonnes of CO2 every year!

Low Maintenance – with no moving parts and very little ongoing maintenance required, solar panels are incredibly reliable and cost-efficient to run.

Future Proof – with energy prices only set to rise, a solar PV installation protects you from increased utility bills by providing your own free electricity.

Smart Investment – solar PV installations offer a reliable and predictable investment with better returns than many low-risk options.

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