Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating

Perfect Comfort in minutes - Heat at your feet it’s a treat!

Hercuglas floor heating heats up faster than any other under floor heating and outperforms radiators.

Hercuglas floor heating has no delay time. Fitting a Hercuglas system to your house will future proof your house against rising energy prices.

Hercuglas floor heating operates with a condensing boiler or a heat pump and improves their performance.

The comfort heating system from Hercuglas offers the following advantages:

Advanced Technology
Fast response on heat demand always.

Specially Engineered
Will take advantage of all floor finishes including timber and carpet.

Robust Pipe
Safety and longevity with over 30 years continuous use on thousands of miles of pipework.

Multiple Screeds
Suits all floor screeds including sand & cement, concrete and hemi-hydrate.


Underfloor Heating - Function

The underfloor heating is a reliable and efficient heating format that combines thermal comfort conditions and economic operation.

In this system, hot water at temperature 35-45 circulates within the piping circuit that is embedded in the floor of the space.

The transmission of heat takes place by radiation from the floor to the heated space, from the lower to the higher layers. Over the entire surface of the area without strong currents. Achieved in this way, the desired temperature stratification, ie at the height of the head temperature rises to 18-20 ° c or lower.

The heating through pipes that run across the surface of the site ensures the basic requirements of modern life that is comfortable and healthy living in conditions of thermal warmth. Aesthetics without limitations in contemporary modern house and environment friendliness, one can easily enjoy saving energy and costs, thanks to underfloor heating.


The heating through pipes that run across the surface of the site ensures the basic requirements of modern life. The major advantages that one can enjoy by installing underfloor heating is:​

  • Thermal comfort and healthy living environment due to uniform heating and lack of dryness in space.
  • Energy savings due to reduced heat loss and operating at lower temperatures (35oC - 45oC). At the same time due to reduced operating costs and maintenance costs of short-term depreciation installation cost is achieved
  • Full exploitation of interior spaces and freedom in shaping them consistently elegant architectural layouts on them.
  • Safer heating without hot surfaces of radiators.
  • Ability combinatorial function with periodic heating areas through fancoil or radiators.
  • Environmentally friendly with the ability to use mild and renewable energies such as solar, geothermal and air pump - water.
  • Ability cooling by adding just the appropriate cold water production mechanism (chiller, heat pump).
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