Case Studies - With Backup Boiler

The Project

The home owner wanted to invest in a heating technology that would save him money and future proof his fuel costs. But due to his older large Georgian property having low levels of insulation and a high heat demand he thoughts that a heat pump wasn’t the answer.

The Solution

After talking to us we provided a solution which meant that he could dramatically reduce his fuel bills but never be short of heat or hot water. We done this using our A16-UHE heat pump to meet the 90% of his heat load in conjunction with his oil boiler which is used to boost the flow temperature when required.

The complete solution involved the installation of our MAN-P4 hydraulic distribution manifold, feeding the hot water tank and the heating zones directly. The manifold is plumbed to the heat pump via a pre insulated low heat loss pipe and is located 10 meters from the dwelling house. The back up boiler is plumbed to the flow and return manifold allowing the flow temperature to be maintain as required. In conjunction with our smart control software and wiring center the installation was straight forward and our manifold made the plumbing really simple.

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